Photos By Cleveland, For Cleveland


About a year ago, amateur photographer Jim Polaczynski noticed something: people on Flickr, the popular photo-sharing site he used, started crossing over from being cyber buddies to – gasp! -- actually meeting and interacting in person. He decided he’d try and do the same in Cleveland, organizing monthly meetings for a group he called Exposure Cleveland. “Socializing is the key, with photography being a close second,” says Polaczynski, who spends his days writing and directing NASA videos. To celebrate its first year of existence, the group is hosting an anniversary showing from 7-10 p.m. tonight, at the Kelly Randall Gallery in Tremont (1678 W. 14th Street). Photos from 40 of the group’s roughly 150 members will be showcased tonight, and will remain on display for three weeks. “What makes us different is you don’t need experience to show with us -- just the willingness to be a part of the group,” Polaczynski says. The result is a collection of photos that range from fairly mundane to, in the case of this humble photog, pretty damn decent. – TK Kim

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