Mikey G's Weekly Picks: An ugly-ass scooter makes a comeback!


Try to get drunker than these dudes at Nemeth's movie night.
This week’s top arts and entertainment picks around town, from the guy who’s paid to pick them: Monday: Nemeth’s Lounge in Painesville screens the comedy classic Animal House tonight as part of its Monday movie-night series. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about some pain-in-the-ass underpaid employee telling you to keep it quiet if you feel like yelling back at the screen. And since Nemeth’s serves beer during the flicks, we’ re guessing you’ll have plenty to say. Tuesday: Detroit singer Janiva Magness’ life sounds a lot like the blues songs she sings: Both of her parents killed themselves with sleeping pills when she was young, and by the time she was 14, she was a drunk, drug-addicted runaway who had bounced around a dozen different foster homes. Good times! She performs at Fat Fish Blue. Wednesday: Canton comedian John Rathbone has a funny joke about his adoption: “People say, ‘You have your father’s eyes.’ I’m like, ‘No -- I don’t even have his address.’ They ask, ‘Are you English, German, French?’ I don’t know. All I know about my culture is that they give away their children.” Laugh at his still-painful childhood memories when he plays the Improv. Thursday: The Segway’s finally getting’ some love. After being skewered nearly to death on the great Arrested Development, the funny-looking scooter is the subject of a new documentary, 10 MPH. The film chronicles one dude’s trip from Seattle to Boston on the much-ridiculed ride. Look for a Cleveland cameo when the movie screens at Cedar Lee Theatre. The flick’s filmmakers will be in town for a Q&A after the showing. Friday: Today’s day-long Projekt Revolution concert at Blossom features many bands that get serious on their new albums. Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday, HIM, and Placebo have all grown up over the past few years, abandoning the slash-and-tear approach of past records for more introspective outings. It makes for a surprisingly durable bill – which still gives fans plenty of opportunities to tear shit up. -- Michael Gallucci

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