MegaDean -- the Howard Dean Tour -- to Rock Cleveland Tonight


The Howard Dean bus (AKA the PsychoMotherFucker Express) will roll through Cleveland tonight for a Democratic National Committee grassroots rally at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. I don’t know about you, but the Crowne Plaza doesn’t exactly scream “grassroots.” Dean is expected to outline his “50-State Strategy” for taking the White House in 2008 [cue the Insane Clown Posse]. Those close to the DNC chairman say the first step is to slip massive doses of rohypnol into his Diet Coke before he goes on stage, hoping to avoid a stage IV crystal-meth meltdown like the one at the 2004 Iowa Caucus. In case you missed that, watch the video above, fittingly set to the backdrop of death metal music. “Yeeeaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!” – Jared Klaus

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