Wonder Bar: The first-ever wine bar with no wine!


We love the Wonder Bar (2044 East 4th Street, 216-298-4050), the new, swanky addition to downtown’s East 4th District. Great scenery -- love the swirly, colorful paintings and the good looking after-workers. Great food -- love the Mediterranean plate, although we’re not quite sure about the veal bratwursts. And great staff -- sort of. The service was friendly and efficient, but our server relayed a story in which he said he asked an obnoxious customer, “You did not just ask me if we had any fried onion rings, did you? Do we look like a McDonalds to you?” (Editor’s note: Onion rings are highly underrated, and we encourage you to respond to any criticism of them – or fried cheese sticks, for that matter – by stabbing the offending party in the thigh.) The Wonder Bar’s biggest issue, however, is with their wine menu. Or rather their lack of wine menu. On Thursday night, a mere 16 days after they opened, the bar was out of every red wine but one Malbec. Newsflash: You can’t be a wine bar without, um, wine. – Rebecca Meiser


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