Hide Your Celly: Schools CEO tells Today Show he's banning cell phones


Cleveland Schools CEO Eugene Sanders showed up on NBC’s Today Show. The so-called czar of education was pontificating on the all-important topic of … cell phones. Apparently, he doesn’t like them. Cell phones, he said are not just used for phone calls anymore. They’re used for cheating. Students, he informed the astonished audience, use them to text each other answers to tests and even snap pictures of test questions for friends. (This years-old trend is hardly news, which made it perfect for the Today Show). Because of this alarming trend, Sanders said, Cleveland's schools will no longer allow students to carry cell phones. Students everywhere were aghast. Without their cell phones, they will now have to resort to old-fashioned cheating techniques, and will have to handwrite notes to report on the important going-ons around school, like the new girls’ horrible haircut and Jimmy Smith’s nasal-blocking B.O. How totally inconsiderate. -- Rebecca Meiser


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