As Browns prepare to cut, Jason Short is out with a concussion


A concussion will keep Jason Short out of tonight's preseason finale.
Browns special-teams freak Jason Short will sit out tonight’s preseason finale against the Bears, with what is an incredibly predictable injury for him: post concussion syndrome. Short’s not a household name among casual fans, but his injury is a total bummer for anyone who enjoys watching violent men run into each other really violently. A Painesville native and Riverside High grad, Short made his name – in high school, at Eastern Michigan U., in NFL Europe, for the Philadelphia Eagles, and in various fistfights along the way – by showing more or less complete disregard for his body. Remarkably, despite playing only on special teams, NFL players voted him among the league’s most feared players last season. As Scene wrote in its June 27 feature story, “The Human Grenade,” the Browns signed him in May, and Short was ...
thrilled to play for his hometown team. But he knows his fate is a numbers game. "It's always gonna be a fight," he says. "And they're going to always make you believe that it's a bigger fight than it is." Coaches won't discuss Short's future. But former Browns coach Sam Rutigliano, who remains close to Browns' staff, says Short has impressed. "He's gonna make the team," Rutigliano says. "He's a 1950s guy. He is dirt-tough. I mean dirt-tough. He will electrify special teams. He covers kicks like a kamikaze pilot . . . This guy is Superman."
It hasn’t been reported how Short suffered his concussion; smart money says he was blowing up a wedge on a kick-off. Either way, the injury has to concern the Browns somewhat. Short told Scene he’s suffered at least five concussions since high school, probably more. It also has to concern his new wife and family, especially considering the onslaught of news in recent years about post-career health issues among former NFL players. The league will never admit it, but their sport, while beautifully so, is damn violent, and and it’s making people damn sick. In the end, though, this is likely of little concern for the Browns or Short right now. The team's worried about kicking off against the Steelers next week. And Short’s worried about making the team, so he can be the guy covering that kick-off. Head first, no doubt. – Joe P. Tone


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