More Zany Capers from the East Cleveland PD


Last week East Cleveland cop Shawna Glaspy got five years’ probation – and we’re not making this up – for helping a man escape. When other officers arrived at HQ with a newly arrested man, Glaspy him as a family friend. She ran his background check with a false name, then snuck him the key to his handcuffs. After he left, she broadcast over the radio that he’d overpowered her and escaped. But the ruse backfired. When the man learned of Glaspy’s tale, he turned himself right back in and ratted her out. Unfortunately, it wasn’t Glaspy’s first run-in with the law. Two years ago she beat aggravated robbery charges after two kids claimed she threatened to arrest them if they didn’t pay her off. But at least Glaspy was a low-level dispatcher. In that wacky drama known as East Cleveland PD, the hi-jinks also runs to the high command. Last week, Mayor Eric Brewer suspended Police Chief Patricia Lane over $800 in confiscated drug money that went missing. He believes it was spent on Indians tickets. -- Jason Nedley


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