Band called Dirt makes special Browns song that's really ... loud?


Eleven years ago, Dave Burzanko founded Dirt with guitarist Jim Bryant and drummer Mark Patrick. Burzanko, a DJ and the band’s vocalist and leader, favors rap, hip-hop and techno. Bryant’s a metalhead, and Patrick’s skins are rooted in hard rock. Naturally, writing music is no easy chore for the band. But they do agree on one thing. “We’re all from Cleveland,” says Burzanko, “and the Browns were engraved in our souls.” So Dirt cut an original song, “Brown and Orange,” which they’ve sent to all the radio and TV stations in Cleveland. Burzanko the stations have said "they will play it if the team does well,” which means there's a very good chance you'll never hear the song again. They’ve sent the song to the team, also, but have yet to hear back. (Could be a while on that one, fellas; when a team flips a coin to pick its QB, you might say they're not quite on top of things.) Jock rock isn’t exactly a new thing for Burzanko. In 1995 his old group, The Boondockmen, cut a song for the Indians called "Swing Batter Swing" (here’s a sample), a popular radio spin. “Brown and Orange” is available for download on the band’s MySpace page. Dirts’ self-released album, Welcome to the Pressure Cooker, is available on ITunes and on They’re also working on a new album, expected this spring. – Jason Nedley


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