Cleveland Steelers Fans: Here's where they'll be. Feel free to harass them.


You'll probably see these dudes at Harpo's. The first seven rounds are on them.
(Editor's note: We are still unsure exactly how we accidentally hired a Steelers fan. Apparently our formidable background-check procedure -- Uh, you're not, like, weird or nothin', are you? -- failed us once again. We are working with HR to remedy this right away). Oh, the pain and hardship that comes with being a Steelers fan in Browns town. The jeers, the hoots, the beer cans thrown in faces. Though most Cleveland sports bars devote their space and energies to Browns fans, there are a few safe havens for Steelers groupies looking for respite on Sunday. In these places, you’ll find yourself in the company of many people who still bleed gold and black. They are the official un-official hang-outs of Pittsburgh ex-pats. Rivals Sports Grille 6710 Smith Road, Middleburg Heights Owners claim they have 25 HD TVs and that “they will always have the Steelers on.” Harpo’s 14957 Snow Road, Brookpark A recent pluggedincleveland review had this to say about the joint: “There is a large contingent of Steelers fans that frequent this place of business. Yes this restaurant is in Cleveland ... It used to be such a nice place. Now a lot of people will not step foot in this place because of this fact.” (All the more reason for us to go.) Other popular options: Winking Lizard 14018 Detroit Ave., Lakewood Shula’s 6200 Quarry Lane, Independence Champps 253 Crocker Park Boulevard, Westlake


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