Que Bueno! Zocalo, a new Mexican joint on East 4th, is turning heads


As far back as December, reps from Trifecta Management -- which also operates downtown’s Flannery’s Pub and Cowboy Food and Drink, in Bainbridge -- have been pimping their “tequila delivery system,” scheduled to debut at their new Zócalo Mexican Grille & Tequileria when it opened on E. 4th St. this summer. Is it a tequila bong? we pestered, hopefully. An IV? Have they mastered a way to freeze dry and snort Cuervo? Vaporize and huff it? Inquiring livers wanted to know. The bigwigs just laughed. “You’ve never seen anything like it,” they teased, chuckling smug chuckles, like California businessmen tend to do. Well, we got an up-close look at the “delivery system” last night, at Zocalo's grand opening, and it wouldn’t be an understatement to say that it’s, um, unique. (Okay, for you Ohio U grads out there, maybe unique isn't the right word. For you, a better description maybe "Tuesday.") Basically, it involves a vintage barber’s chair, a sure-handed bartender, and a bottle of Cuervo Classico. GM Jimmy Hayward will fill in the details: “The customer lays all the way back in the chair, opens his mouth, and the bartender pours in a three-count of Cuervo with one hand, and margarita mix with the other. Then we set you up, you shake your head – to mix it up, you know? – and you swallow!” (If you're a visual learner -- i.e., are too hungover to keep reading but really want to learn about this newfangled way of getting shit-canned -- check the video above.) The “upside-down Margarita,” as it's known at Zocalo and in your hill-billy aunt Tina's basement, will set you back six bucks, although you can request an upgrade to premium hooch for a few more pesos. In addition to the DIY buzz, you also get a photo of your shining moment -- which is good, since if you do it right, you won't remember it anyway. – Elaine T. Cicora

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