Reader: The Lakewood Library Director is Power Hungry


I propose that you write a news story pointing out the undesirable conflict of interest of the director of the Lakewood Public Library doing a televised interview of each candidate for mayor of Lakewood, and also presiding over a debate of these three mayoral candidates. The director of the library is a public official who directs a major, taxpayer funded instittution. As such, he is a legitimate target for criticism by any Lakewood mayoral candidates for any deficiencies in his performance. Local newspapers have published criticism of the director in the past few months, including The Plain Dealer (criticism by library employees), Lakewood Sun Post (flooding, closing computer center for seven months, etc.), the Free Times, and the Scene (wasting taxpayers money regarding the new library construction, etc.). But these mayoral canddiates, when interviewd on TV and in this debate that library director Kenneth Warren will preside over, will know that if they make any legitimate criticism of Warren, then he can give them a hard time. The library affects many people in Lakewood. Aside from city hall, it's arguably the 3rd most important Lakewood government insiitution after the schools. It sure sucks up enough of our tax money, much of it seemingly wasted in inefficiencies. So it is a major conflcit of interest for Warren to be presiding over this mayoral debate. You really should point that out to your readers, and point out that Warren sought this political king-maker role for himself, no doubt part of his self-promoting attempt to be a major power in Lakewood. He has written several large articles in the September 5 Lakewood Observor, and controls the Observor, and now is trying to control this mayoral election. He has become too powerful for the good of Lakewood. He is short, and this may be a case of the Napoleonic complex. Have you noticed that is also true among power hungry politicians? They are usually shorter than average. It's true. Most members of Lakewood City Council are short. Kucinich is short. Former Ohio Senator Mike DeWine is short. Just a few examples. It is if Lakewood is now Oz, Warren is the Wizard of Oz. The man behind the curtain, but more visible, because he apparently loves publicity. A very peculiar and odd situation for any city for the library director to be trying to control the city. Jan Powers Lakewood

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