New(ish) Music Wednesday: Mo' Um-ber-ella, this time by Marie Digby


Summer's gone, but the music heads at Scene still love us some "Umbrella," the transcendent R&B jam of the year. Budding diva Rihanna made it a hit, and pop songstress Mandy Moore toned down the beat but brought out the song in it. Now it's been given a similar workover by Marie Digby. Digby's made a name for herself by posting solo acoustic versions of popular songs on YouTube. Recently, the Wall Street Journal revealed that she's not exactly the underground sensation she's been presented as, and is -- has been for a while, in fact -- part of the Disney entertainment empire. Long story short, she's a musical LonelyGirl15, a corporate-endorsed media product posing as an independent groundswell. But her "Umbrella" sure sounds sweet. If you have any other versions of the song, post a link. -- D.X. Ferris


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