Mike G.'s Weekend Picks: Grab your bong! Pink Floyd's on the big screen!


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Arteyu plays the House of Blues Sunday.
This weekend’s top arts and entertainment picks around town, from the guy who’s paid to pick them: Friday: David & Layla sounds like a really bad idea for a TV show that’ll make it through three episodes before it gets canned to make room for Two and a Half Men repeats. A Jew and a Muslim fall in love in N.Y.C. -- conflicts and laughs abound. But the rom-com was actually inspired by a true story and handles the subject with more sensitivity than you’d think. Director Jay Jonroy fields questions after today’s 4, 7, and 9:45 p.m. screenings at the Cedar Lee Theatre. Saturday: It smells a bit like those midnight screenings of Pink Floyd flicks/laser shows from the ‘70s, but the big-screen debut of Floyd guitarist David Gilmour’s new concert DVD, Remember That Night – Live at the Royal Albert Theatre, doesn’t pack quite the same wow factor. Still, many of your favorite Floyd tunes hit you in ass-rattling surround sound. Showtimes are at 3 p.m. and midnight (woo-hoo! grab your bong!) at Crocker Park Stadium 16 in Akron, and Severance Town Center Stadium 14 in Cleveland Heights. Sunday: On their new album, Lead Sails Paper Anchor, Atreyu channel a couple of decades’ worth of metal overload. Fret-smokin’ guitar riffs, larynx-shredding vocal acrobatics, and big, cheesy horns fill the CD, which finally comes close to replicating the intensity the SoCal band delivers onstage. It’s fist-raising, sing-along stuff that rides the line between screamo and metal. They’re at the House of Blues. -- Michael Gallucci


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