Hate Mail of the Week: Sluts, Sociopaths & Really Bad Parents


This week's moment of beautiful viciousness comes from some guy named Ran, whose venom is directed to those making an appearance in last week's cover story, Getting Dad: Here is a question - where in the hell were her parents when she was out screwing and running round with a 35 year old sociopath/psychotic?? It all comes back to the same thing over and over - how the kids were raised. If her parents let her run around at the age of 15 acting like a slut - we are supposed to believe/feel sorry for her that the 35 year old dad molested her on a Ferris Wheel?? What a joke. I am not a prosecutor or attorney and can see what a joke this is. Why wouldn't he lure her to his motel if he wanted to molest her?? Hey, parents of this manipulative tramp - know where your children are at all times. I don't know how old she is now, but I would imagine that she is pregnant and/or addicted to drugs. Good parenting skills there - JOKE I hope this gentlema gets his life back and his reputation. Although he may have deserved it or something for abandoning his own son and letting his Whore ex-wife expose their children to that kind of life. We are shaping our future by our parenting people.............COME ON Ran

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