When Cupcakes Attack


Oh dear. First Cleveland area school children are being told to hide their cell phones. Now, if things keep up, they’re going to have to keep their iced, vanilla-sprinkle cupcakes locked up, too. Nationally, school administrators are declaring cupcakes to be “deadly weapons” and banning school children from bringing them into the classroom on account of them being, well, delicious. And children, as we work-obsessed, taskmaster adults know, shouldn’t be allowed to have any fun. (Also, there’s that whole ridiculous side issue about the detriments of empty calories and sugar and such. Pure rubbish, we say). Kimberly Martin, the owner of Main Street Cupcakes, a Hudson bakery, recently featured in USA Today as one of the best cupcake shops in the country, is perplexed by all this vitriol toward the snack: “What will be next? What else will they attack?” In the meantime, go to Main Street Cupcakes and totally get her wedding day white cupcake, with almond and vanilla butter cream. To die for. -- Rebecca Meiser


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