Lakewood Mayor: No Conspiracy about Selling City Park


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When we wrote last Friday about a plan to sell Kauffman Park in Lakewood, Mayor Tom George couldn't be reached for comment. But he did respond by email this morning: Yes, the sale of the "strip" center went through last week. The city has been approached by the new owner regarding a possible redevelopment of the area including possibly Kauffman Park. I have been very clear that before even discussing any new development, there could be NO net loss of park areas should a development occur. Park space is at a premium in Lakewood and we cannot afford to lose any additional space. Also, I have been clear that any development must maintain current traffic patterns and keep traffic off the area residential streets. Maintaining the quality of life in the area is important. We brought a proposal before City Council to study Kauffman Park's resources and how to redistribute them. In an open meeting where Council had every opportunity to ask detailed questions, it unanimously voted in favor of the study. We are awaiting the study's results. That is where we stand. By law there must be considerable public input and approvals for this project. It is anything but a done deal, as City Council will likely have a role in the approval process, as will the Zoning Board, Architectural Board of Review and Planning Commission. Mayor Tom George Lakewood


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