Deep Thoughts -- Make That Burps -- with CBS's Dan Dierdorf


If watching Derek Anderson throw three interceptions yesterday wasn’t hard enough on your stomach, consider how CBS announcer Dan Dierdorf’s going to feel when his bosses review yesterday’s broadcast of the Browns’ 34-17 loss at New England. With our boys threatening to cover the 16-point spread in the game’s final seconds, play-by-play man Greg Gumbel mused about Patriots coach Bill Belichick’s seeming disappointment in his team's ability to stamp out the day’s collection of pesky pretenders. The Patriots had already given up two fourth-quarter touchdowns, and the Browns were driving almost unimpeded for a third. At this point it isn’t known whether the topic was too complex for Dierdorf, or if he’d just been slurping down too many cups of the stadium’s suds. But Dierdorf couldn’t muster any greater insight than an audible bout of reflux. He belched into his microphone. Thank the good folks at Pro Football Talk, who were generous enough to invest the time and technology to break this all-important story. - Jason Nedley


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