From Hopkins to downtown, at a New York price


There are few things Clevelanders loathe more than having their city compared to New York. Why do you think it was so delectably satisfying to beat the Yankees’ asses in baseball? Now, however, we’re competing with the Big Apple in something far less laudable: cab fares. The Plain Dealer reports today that cab rides from Hopkins airport to downtown Cleveland will soon cost an eye-popping $44. That’s just one buck less than a taxi ride from JFK airport to Manhattan. In fact, it’s way more than a typical ride from the other main New York airport, LaGuardia, which usually only costs $17 to $27, plus tolls and tips. Why on earth would we want to compete with a city that charges $10 for beers? Why give tourists one more reason to fly over Cleveland, instead of into it? Just because our city leaders neglected to collect millions of dollars in taxes at the airport doesn’t mean we should get stuck with the tab. -- Lisa Rab EARLIER: Lisa tries to help a tourist, gets mercilessly ripped by people who ride buses.


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