Crimefighting the Cleveland State Way


September 24th marked the beginning of the school year for Cleveland State senior Adam Jaenke. But it didn’t start out the way he’d hoped. That morning, Jaenke set out to the campus store to purchase new books. One of his paperbacks dropped, hitting the foot of the guy in front of him, who was there with his girlfriend. The guy turned around to glare at Jaenke, but said nothing. Jaenke didn’t think anything of the incident. But when Jaenke stepped outside the bookstore, the guy was waiting for him. Apparently, he hadn’t enjoyed having a book dropped on his foot. “Why didn’t you say you were sorry?” the guy asked, then promptly pummeled Jaenke, who is 5’8 and weighs a mere 140 pounds. Jaenke didn’t fight back. “I was pretty bewildered at the moment. I didn’t know what was going on,” he says. When the guy was done punching, Jaenke’s cheekbone had shattered. Horrified cashiers called the campus police. It took them 15 minutes to arrive, he says, and when they got there, they continued to take their time. “Looks like you’ll have a shiner for that,” one told him, punching him in the arm. “Ya think?” asked Jaenke, who later underwent emergency facial surgery. Doctors put two titanium plates and eight screws in his jaw. But the university doesn't seemed too concerned that students are getting their asses kicked over dropped books. Police came to his house once to take statements. Two weeks later, they informed him they had no leads – despite the fact that the incident was captured on university cameras, and the suspect’s girlfriend is a CSU student who paid for her purchases with a check. “This is unacceptable,” Jaenke says. “I want to go to school and feel safe. This happened at 11 in the morning, it’s not like I was running around after dark.” CSU officials promised to get back to Scene with an explanation for their curious crimefighting methods. But as with Jaenke, they didn’t return our calls. -- Rebecca Meiser


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