O-H-I-Oh My God That's F'ed: The fate of Floppy rests in your hands


Floppy: the luckiest about-to-die rabbit alive.
We all knew the Michigan and Ohio State fans wanted to pummel each other to death. But we never thought an innocent bunny would get harmed in the process. Oh dear. In order to pay back roughly $40,000 in student loans, a local law student who goes by the name “floppy’s caretaker” is auctioning off her pet bunny rabbit, Floppy. But before you start getting all misty-eyed, you probably should know the rules. Floppy’s caretaker has created two competing websites: savefloppy.com and cookfloppy.com. If more people log onto savefloppy.com, the rabbit lives. If more people donate to cookfloppy.com, then the rabbit will be killed and cooked in a recipe that was voted on by viewers. Recently, it was revealed that Floppy is a Buckeye fan, causing a Michigan fan to write: “When I first saw your site I thought it was pretty funny but when I saw you were an Ohio State Buckeye's fan and said you hate Michigan that pissed me off so I donated $50 to cookfloppy.com. I hope you and your Ohio State loving rabbit die.” In protest, Ohio state fans are voting in droves to keep their fuzzy mascot alive. Apparently, though, the Michigan fans are winning out: They’ve raised $3362 to Ohio State’s $2247. It seems that the Wolverines need to find some way to beat Ohio Since … since it obviously won’t be in football. -- Rebecca Meiser


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