Reader Reads Our Cover Story, Discovers Sarcasm


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Bill from Canton called to weigh in on this week’s feature, “The New McCarthyism." Here’s what he had to say about foreign scholars being barred, because of visa troubles, from entering the U.S. “First of all, very scary headline there. Ooh, New McCarthyism, be very afraid. But the truth is, you have no evidence to substantiate the claim. This isn’t happening that widespread, there's no evidence that it’s done for political reasons, and so the charge falls flat. The other thing, you know, you talk about this couple, and build it up as they were separated, how it was the most horrible of injustices. And when she gets cleared to come back to the States, she chooses not to. So that was just-- I had to laugh out loud reading that. It kind of was a big let down after the big build up of how horrible it was that this was happening to ’em. Listen, it’s not good this is happening, but it’s happening to very few people and there’s no evidence that it’s done for political reasons.”


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