Frank Jackson Has a Another Brother, and He's Not Afraid to Use Him


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As we reported in this week’s First Punch, the Cleveland schools are in the market for a new security chief. The post has been vacant since June, and might be a bit hard to fill, given the recent shootings at SuccessTech Academy. It also doesn’t help that Mayor Frank Jackson’s brother, Nick, has been running the security department in the absence of a real chief. Although Nick Jackson is officially in charge of transportation, maintenance, and security for the school district, he has no actual security training. This is just his latest patronage job in city government. To add to the merriment, the Plain Dealer reports today that one of the candidates for the security chief job is a third Jackson brother, Anthony. Alert: We are not making this up. This is real. Now, Anthony Jackson may have some real qualifications, given that he used to be police chief at the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority. Who knows, he may even know how to work a security scanner. But are we really ready for a Jackson trifecta in city government? Brace yourselves, Cleveland. This could be your new dynasty. -- Lisa Rab



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