About That Moron You Heard On the Radio This Week


The author prepares for his appearance on "The Sound of Ideas."
Until this week, I always figured WCPN’s “Sound of Ideas,” weekday mornings at 9 a.m. on 90.3-FM, was just an hour of host Dan Moulthrip stuffing his pipe with various herbs and then saying whatever came to his mind, presumably his thoughts on the latest David Lynch movie, or cookie dough. But then, on Tuesday, his producer, probably trying to call a real reporter named Joe, accidentally called and asked me to be on the show’s weekly Regional Reporters’ Roundtable, wherein reporters pretend to know about what's going on the news, and talk about it. Always up for a good prank on the general public, I said yes, and proceeded to blabber about topics I know almost nothing about -- for a whole hour! I must say: those radio guys have a sweet gig. Anyway, if you need to feel better about yourself, listen to me and the other guests on the show’s Short Bus Edition – coolcleveland.com columnist Mansfield Frazier and Plain Dealer editorial board member (and way nice dude) Joe Frolik – on WCPN’s web site. The topics this week included: the Garfield Heights pit-pull ban, Dennis Kucinich’s favorite flying saucer, the weirdest knife fight ever, snitching, and something about power plants for which I was totally ill-prepared to discuss. The rest of the show’s archives are here too, so when you want to hear a real reporter talk, click around. It’s a pretty decent show, and Dan does a nice job with it. – Joe P. Tone


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