Fire Fight: A Thoughtful Debate over an Abusive Cuyahoga Falls Cop


When Denise Grollmus wrote “Repeat Offender” back in August, we considered it little more than another Weird Tale from the Fringes of Northeast Ohio Law Enforcement. The story chronicles Cuyahoga Falls cop Ralph Flynn, who appears to have an impressive history of beating women and young girls. But our readers apparently found this a fascinating saga, and have been debating it ever since. Some believe Flynn’s a scumbag. Some believe we’re scumbags for implying that Flynn’s a scumbag. Needless to say, this intellectual joust has reached untold literary heights, with poetry such as “You stupid pathetic dicksponge” and “hey you shitmopped bilgecrapping asswitch.” In short, it’s the kinda debate Plato would have had if he lived in 2007 Cleveland. You can join the thought-provoking discussion here. Just make sure to bring your A-game.

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