When Drew Carey Smells The Chronic, He Smells Freedom


Drew Carey’s not much of a Cleveland guy anymore – he lives in Los Angeles, works with a rotating series of hot models, and plays $500-a-hand blackjack. But we’ll cut him some slack. While hanging out two weeks ago in Vegas, ace reporter Joe Tone caught the Drewster dropping a cool grand on his hometown Indians to win Game 6 of the American League Championship Series. Give the new host of The Price is Right some credit, too, for ramping up the level of punditry apparently lacking in his job. Carey’s filming “The Drew Carey Project,” a series of documentaries for Reason, a prominent libertarian political magazine, and plans to tackle issues with way greater implications than any drop of the Plinko chip: eminent domain, Big Government, school choice, and medical marijuana. In 35 years, all Bob Barker would protest was your unspayed Dalmatian. Here’s a link to his weed video, the second in a planned series of 20 documentaries. “Smell that smell,” Carey says to the camera as he steps into a L.A. medical-marijuana dispensary. “That’s the smell of freedom.” -- Jason Nedley


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