In the Steel City, a Rivalry Carries on in the Stalls


It was a fight on the field at yesterday’s Steelers-Browns game, but the real battle took place in the women’s bathroom at Jerome Bettis’ new Pittsburgh restaurant, Grille 36. At half time, things were not looking so golden for the Steelers, which didn’t sit well with many Pittsburgh fans. In the ladies’ rest room (which, by the way, is a rather, dark shadowy place with not enough mirrors and zero televisions; something to work on, Jerome) a fan decked out in Steelers gear got into a shoving match with a Browns fans. Allegedly, the fight was about line order (“I was here first," "No I was,” and so forth) and who among them had to pee more. But C-Notes, being incredibly perceptive and stuff, knew the fight was not really about the stalls, but rather was the byproduct of 60 plus years of pent-up frustrations. It had to come out some way. And it did. A few minutes later though, after both women relieved themselves — and a bit of their fury -- they discovered a commonality: Both were rabid Ohio State fans. And suddenly, they had a common enemy to hate on: Illinois. All was suddenly well. After all, nothing brings people together like mutual hatred. -- Rebecca Meiser


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