Scene Holiday Gift Ideas, Part 1 of 1: Get Cracked Out with Cracked


The six weeks of incessant gift-idea Best Buy commercials finally hit the airwaves last week -- What took you guys so long!? -- which means it's time for C-Notes to start (and then, with any luck, stop) talking about holiday gift ideas. If you haven't picked up a humor magazine at your local newsstand recently, you may remember Cracked as the drunk-and-disorderly step-second-cousin to Mad, sort of like Spin is to Rolling Stone. But since you last checked in, Cracked has become a reliable source for assorted laugh-till-you-snort pieces. Check out the magazine's way-off-kilter list of the 50 Most Baffling Toys From Around the World. It's not for the light-of-heart, with selections including a Japanese God-Jesus robot and Russian hermaphrodite baby dolls. But it will make someone in your life laugh. Hard. -- D.X. Ferris

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