Iron Blog: Mike Symon’s new site shows why cash registers may ring


It’s widely believed that local hotshot Michael Symon’s Sunday-night ascension to Iron Chef is “good for Cleveland.” But what, exactly, does that mean? For a hint, take a gander at Symon’s brand new blog. After only 48 hours, the site had collected 148 adoring comments from fans across the country, including ones in Chicago, LA, NYC, Orlando, Toronto, Buffalo, Los Gatos, Las Vegas, Tempe, and Trinidad, to name a bunch – and most of them gushing variations on a single theme: “We can’t wait to get to Cleveland and eat your food!” Here’s a small sampling: “My bf and I were rooting for you down here in Texas, and I let out a scream when you won! We can't wait until our travels take us back to Cleveland. A day or two at Cedar Point and a couple of evenings at Lola's and Lolita's = the perfect extra long weekend trip! “Congratulations! I hope to travel from Orlando to Cleveland … to eat in your restaurant. I wish you nothing but the best!" “Having lived in DC for almost 8 years now I've become quite the foodie and cook myself. I'm so excited to have a great place to go eat the next time I visit my family and friends back home. I'm sure I'll need a reservation now that you are the big winner!” Assuming these foodies -- and more like them – actually make the trip, they’ll undoubtedly stay in town for more than two or three hours. Odds are good, then, that they’ll also visit spots like Lucky’s Café for breakfast; Crop, Dante, or One Walnut for lunch; and Flying Fig, Baricelli Inn, Momocho, or Fahrenheit for additional dinners. They’ll need hotel rooms. They’ll go shopping. Maybe they’ll catch a play, visit the Rock Hall, or check out LeBron and Co. They're not going to save Cleveland, but the impact could be substantial. --- Elaine T. Cicora


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