Happy Holidays ... You’re Fat!


We rarely fret about calories – like college tuition and taxes, they are simply part of life. (A mean, nasty, entirely depressing part of life, but whatever.) Still, for quelling cocktail cravings and holiday hankerings, there’s nothing like coming face-to-face with calorie counts. For a rundown of your upcoming holiday feasts and the damage they can do, check out Calorie Count Plus, the recently launched website with complete nutritional breakdowns for more than 70,000 foods, including homemade goodies, packaged products, and those tasty, deep-fried tidbits dispensed at drive-through windows. You’ll find, for instance, that a 1-cup serving of homemade mashed potatoes with margarine and whole milk adds 237 calories to your hips, while a cup of steamed green beans contributes a mere 44. A quarter-cup of cranberry sauce? 110. Four ounces of roast turkey breast? 160. And that late-night Big Mac that you crave around the time the dishes are finally put away? Well, that’s a whopping 704 calories. – Elaine T. Cicora


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