Gangsta Mom Lets Her License Plates Do the Threatening


The “Road Scholars” section of the Plain Dealer, which every Monday tells the story behind a different Clevelander’s vanity plate, is usually dominated by “IWUVFLUFFY”-style plates—odes to pets or other saccharine-sweet declarations. But today’s plate, “I GET EVN,” clearly belongs to a capo of the fabled Mom Mafia. Marcella Krucek, a school-bus driver with antifreeze running through her veins, tells the story of her daughter getting hit by a stray ball at a baseball game, and needing $20,000 worth of work. Krucek sued the two guys involved, but wasn’t satisfied by the winnings. Apparently, it’s kneecaps she’s after: “That’s why I got the plate. It’s a testament that I will get even with them.” The threat’s pretty vague. But to those two reckless baseball players, the word is out: if Krucek invites you over to her kitchen nook to “talk," do not eat the beef strudel. -- Gus Garcia-Roberts


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