SI’s Peter King: “This [Derek] Anderson Is Just Too Nice.”


Apparently Pro Football’s Bestest Reporter™ was in Cleveland last week, researching a story that’s bound to unearth some interesting or insightful dirt on the Browns’ Season of Dreams. (We’re still waiting on a morsel from the guys who get paid to hang out 12 months a year.) While waiting for his car near the House of Blues, Sports Illustrated's Peter King caught Browns quarterback Derek Anderson leaving one of East Fourth Street’s fine dining establishments. But rather than skip out on the flock, Anderson stopped his SUV and hopped out to sign a few footballs for a fan who’d spotted him. “This Anderson is just too nice,” writes King. “My last memory of him that night is motoring past him while he stands there signing a couple of balls for a guy out of the back of his trunk.” – Jason Nedley


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