Dennis Kucinich's Health-Care Proposal Generates Thunderous Round of . . . Laughter?


At the recent Brown and Black Presidential Forum in Iowa, Dennis Kucinich proved that he is definitely the most isolated member of congress when he asked a question . . . of himself. The Little Vegan That Could™ was apparently getting a bit miffed that his fellow Democratic rivals were monopolizing the stage. So when it came time for him to ask a question of one of his fellow candidates, he decided to ask ... himself. “The candidate I have a question to is Congressman Kucinich,” he said, as the audience, as well as the other candidates, burst into laughter. Kucinich then went on to ask himself about his universal health care proposal, which, according to him, is a great idea. But, while he tried to put a serious spin on his words, it didn’t quite work out that way. The audience laughed through almost all of his long-winded speech. Notice the priceless faces on Hillary Clinton and John Edwards, smiling as you would when grandpa starts making blowjob jokes at Thanksgiving. Smile Cleveland ... He’s ours! -- Jared Klaus

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