Reader: Joe Cimperman is No Fighter for the Poor


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A letter sent to Plain Dealer Editor Susan Goldberg: In a December 4 Plain Dealer story by Plain Dealer reporter Mark Naymik about Cleveland Councilman Joe Cimperman announcing he will run for Congress, Naymik claims Cimperman has a record of "populist fights" and has been "maintaining his advocacy for the poor" I think these are lies by Naymik. So what proof do you have that Cimperman has engaged in "populist fights" and of "his advocacy for the poor"? Cimperman opposed a planned facility for the homeless in his ward (and only after weeks of getting bad publicity for opposing it, dropped his opposition). And he supports (apparently at the behest of the downtown businesses which give him him many thousands of dollars) the signs placed downtown in his ward by the Downtown Business Alliance (which opposes downtown beggars as a detriment to their profits) asking people to not give money to beggars. Those signs state "Don't give where it can't help." The November 21 Plain Dealer reports that the Downtown Busines Alliance only raised about $100 to give to agencies that allegedly serve the homeless (after paying themselves their own salaries of course). So what proof, if any, do you have to back up these unsubstantaited pro-Cimperman claims by Naymik? If you have no proof, then you should remove Naymiok from being the Plain Dealer's political reporter for being a deliberate liar. Naymik has a record of opposing Kucinich, so he achieves this by lying to promote Cimperman. Don't you subscribe to some professional code of ethics which states it is unethical for you to permit Naymik to write these pro-Cimperman lies? Either publish a correction and replace Naymik, or I will have to ask your national newspaper and journalistic societies to revoke your membership for this unethcial dishonest reporting you permit. It is proof that you are an unethical editor. Robert Mesa


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