Reader: Judges poll only scratches surface


Thank you for another excellent article about Cuyahoga County judges ("And the Losers Are ...," November 28). This should really be an annual issue. As a member of the "Bar," I must write under this lame pseudonym because the Ohio Supreme Court will discipline me for chiming in on the issue. As a member of the bar I give up my First Amendment rights regarding criticizing sitting judges. Unfortunately, your article only scratched the surface about the county bench. Skill, experience, and training have nothing to do with getting elected judge. It is a silly and inexplicable name game. Curiously judges' political affiliations are not listed on the ballot. Most lawyers agree that if political parties were listed on the judge ballots, most of the present Ohio Supreme Court would not have their jobs. Kathleen Sutula certainly could not get elected if the voters knew that she is a Republican with no actual work experience, except working for government. She has spent her life on the government tit and her meanness is only one of her shortcomings (her lack of perspective is troubling, not to mention how little law she knows). Once elected, the judges run their own worlds, with the Supreme Court stepping in for only the most egregious problems. This enables judges like Kathleen Sutula and Nancy M. Russo to treat both the public and members of the bar poorly. Not only are these two judges prime examples of meanness, lack of civility and lack of patience, they truly do harm to the judicial system. Bad judges lead to unfair results. Anyone who has witnessed the lack of patience and downright bitchiness of Sutula and Russo knows how frail justice can be when it is dispensed at the whim of a bitch. Anonymous

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