East Cleveland Kids: Is One Swing Set Too Much to Ask For?


As you've probably heard, East Cleveland is a tad screwed up these days --- a place where the government is so non-functional that firefighters are assigned to groom city parks, where the current mayor broke into office a week before his term started, and the former mayor -- well, all she did was kill a dude. So it's no wonder the kids out there don't have much in the way of play space, unless you count the streets where they play Grand Theft Auto 5: The "No Really, Let's Go Car-Jack Someone" Edition. But thankfully, the city is working on landing the tykes a real playground. City Hall has entered a contest run by a national non-profit, KaBOOM!, to fund a new playground for its kids. The winning city gets $25,000 — hopefully enough to pay the required bribes it takes to get a swing set put up in the E.C. You can help by voting for East Cleveland’s video here. Be warned: the footage features Mayor Eric Brewer and some very adorable children. -- Lisa Rab


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