Peking Gourmet is Dead. Long Live Peking Gourmet


In September, we shared with you the sad, sad news that Peking Gourmet, the fabulous vegetarian Chinese restaurant in University Heights, was closing. What were we to do without their sultry, 180-calorie tofu chocolate cheesecake? Their sumptuous, crunchy General Tso fake-chicken? Many a tear was shed over the imminent closing, let us tell you. Happily, though, we just received word that the owners of Peking Gourmet are passing along their secret recipes to the chefs at Szechwan Garden, in Lakewood, when the east-side establishment closes at the end of the month. Yes, East Siders, we know you risk spontaneously combustion if you dare cross the Cuyahoga. But trust us: It's worth it. -- Rebecca Meiser


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