A Jewish Christmas Eve (If You're Not at Grandma's Condo in Boca)


Tired of the age-old Jewish Christmas Eve tradition of movies and Chinese, a Boston entrepreneur decided 20 years ago that December 24th was the perfect opportunity for all Jewish singles to get together for the night. Everyone had the next day off, so no one had to worry about being hungover and meeting the family for a big holiday dinner. Plus, it made their mothers really happy. The latest incarnation of the tradition is taking place at Paladar from 8:30-1:30. There will be drinks, h’oreouvres, mingling, music – and none of those annoying Christmas carols. Tickets are $10 and organizers promise that “half the Jews in Cleveland will be there.” (The other half will be visiting their grandmothers’ condos in Boca.) Click here to pre-register. -- Rebecca Meiser

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