Reader: Pity the Poor Cabbie Who Must Work the Airport


The airport drama continues and director Ricky Smith looks like a million bucks. The last month caused so much bullshit for all involved. As a cab driver, I lost over $2,200 in revenue because Kevin Kelly, Ricky Smith and City Council didn't know what the hell they were doing. From secrets sources I heard the city was so stupid the lawyer for Yellow cab had to fill out briefs for the city so they wouldn't look so stupid. Ace Taxi, the biggest crocks in the business, get the biggest piece of the pie. The airport is so screwed up I am depressed to be a taxi driver. The musical group Queen stated is perfectly. Kevin Kelly, I decate this song to you and your so called members of city council: You got mud on your face. You're a big disgrace Kickin your can all over the place We will, we will rock you William Anderson Lakewood

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