Cleveland Browns: No Change In Uniforms For Next Year


Rumors of a change in the Cleveland Browns uniforms began to swirl after Kellen Winslow Jr. told Penthouse that the team was ready for some new duds in 2008.
Penthouse: The Browns have never significantly changed their uniforms design. But when your name is the Browns, what can you really do with that? Winslow : You know what? We're in the process of changing all that. Next year, you're gonna see some new uniforms for the Cleveland Browns. This is really a big part of what Braylon Edwards and I have been talking about for a long time. It may be something similar to what the Broncos have. It's time for a change. Sometimes people live in the past in Cleveland. That's fine, but this team is trying to build an identity and start up something new.
First of all, the Browns just changed their uniforms last year, and by rule, can’t change them for three years now. Second, rest easy, Cleveland, because I spoke to Amy Palcic, the team’s director of communications, and she assured me that everything’s staying the same. “There are no plans to change the Browns uniforms,” she said. Being a soldier, maybe Winslow is leveraging for a change to camo. -- Vince Grzegorek


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