Latest Poll: Dennis Kucinich Holds Commanding Lead Among Yoga Enthusiasts!


It’s official: If no one votes in the 2008 Democratic primary -- except for a women’s yoga circle in Rocky River and a support group for users of store-bought inhalants -- Congressman Dennis Kucinich would be a lock to win his party's nomination, according to a slightly unscientific poll released by his campaign. Of the 80,000 votes cast on , Kucinich landed a whopping 61,477 of them. Coming in at a not-so-close second place was John Edwards with 7,614. The online poll supposedly surveyed people around the country who describe themselves as outside the mainstream. This is huge news for Kucinich fans, who are now hoping that mainstream voters -- with whom Dennis is slightly less popular than athlete's foot -- will somehow forget to show up on election day. -- Jared Klaus

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