Dennis Kucinich: The Official Candidate of Pizza Hut


Congressman Dennis Kucinich may lack any real political endorsements. But when it came time for Pizza Hut to pick the best presidential candidate to appear in its new commercial, there was never any question. The ad splices together soundbites from the different candidates. When the announcer says, “Are people seeing lower prices now?” the commercial cuts to Dennis saying, “More people in this country have seen UFOs.” Of course, the ad has outraged Kucinich supporters, who are angry that Pizza Hut would focus on the little guy’s belief in extra-terrestrials, instead of touting his work on behalf of imporant issues, like writing press releases and spending public money to vacation in Hawaii. “That’s fucking unfair,” writes one blogger on Wonkette. “That fattie Bill Richardson is clearly behind this.” Yet while Bill Richardson’s figure clearly exhibits a devotion to pepperoni, Pizza Hut officials claim there was no harm intended. “We found humor in his comment,” a company flak told The Plain Dealer. Besides, showing Kucinich babbling about his universal healthcare proposal in an ad for pizza just wouldn’t make any sense, now would it. – Jared Klaus

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