Money Where Your Mouth Is: Lifted


The Music Department hasn't been heard from since Scene's raucous Christmas party at Chuck E. Cheese's. So we'll let Michigan's Lifted explain why you need to see the modern-rock band. Band: Lifted Hometown: Flint/Lansing, MI Sounds like: "Hard rock/metal with melodic vocals." Recommend for fans of: "Breaking Benjamin/Chevelle/Tool." Fun fact: "We are all a family (literally), and we are a crazy good time, so come hang out with us!" Playing: Friday, Dec. 28th at the Green Room (200 S. Depeyster St., 330-677-1904, Kent). And Saturday, December 29 at Verlie's Cafe (W. 46th St. and Storer Ave., Cleveland, 216-651-5713) Why you need to see them: "We bring it 100% everytime we play; you will not be disappointed in our show! Plus, we love meeting new people so come on out." -- Dan, lead singer/guitarist


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