Little Brown Man Goes to Denver


Subodh Chandra, Obama delegate.
While Barack Obama was celebrating his Iowa ass-kicking last week, former Cleveland Law Director Subodh Chandra was doing a little victory dance of his own. Chandra, Cleveland's former law director, a former Attorney General candidate, and Scene’s favorite “Little Brown Man”, was elected by local Dems to be an Obama delegate at the Democratic National Convention in Denver this August. He now has his own fund-raising page for the presidential candidate, and has begun his official duty of begging people for their dough. “I know it is tough to invest your hard-earned resources. And I neither like asking for your money nor a system in which that is necessary. But let's not sit on the sidelines of history when there are great things that can come of our believing that our voices can change the world,” he wrote in an email to supporters. -- Lisa Rab

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