New Hampshire: Dennis Kucinich Crushed Again


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Dennis Kucinich, the self-proclaimed "workers president," had a dismal showing during the Iowa caucuses last week, when he scored 0 percent of the vote. The tally might have been expected, since Kucinich largely ignored the farm state, reasoning that he'd rather talk to the workers poolside in Hawaii and California, where he's done most of his campaigning. After all, if taxpayers are footing the bill for your vanity presidential run, do you really want to burn all that free loot tromping around some sow farm? But the West Side congressman could have expected a higher score in New Hampshire, a beautiful state of snow-covered mountains and breathtaking forests. Which means Kucinich actually showed up to talk to "workers" there, especially those who served him at that really quaint bed and breakfast. Sadly, our hero was once again pounded, struggling to get 1 percent of the vote in returns posted late Tuesday night. Even Bill Richardson, believed to be the governor of New Mexico or someplace like that, more than tripled Kucinich's last place finish. Still, with the congressman's presidential bid as dead as the fish washed up in Edgewater Park, don't expect Denny to bail on his campaign. As long as the taxpayer money holds out, be assured our hero will continue to fight the good fight for the thing that concerns him most: Dennis Kucinich. -- Pete Kotz



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