What Motivates LeBron? Trash-Talking Ladies


Warning: Do not talk trash to this man. Especially if you're pretty.
Apparently all LeBron needs for motivation to do unheard of things on the basketball court is get heckled by women in the stands. Monday night, the Cavs were down 13 in the fourth, and LeBron was looking LeHuman, having scored only 15 points in the first three quarters. Then Toronto power forward Chris Bosh’s girlfriend and cousin—seated a few rows from the court—started heckling LeBron. And so he got cantankerous. When the average person gets cantankerous at work, he kicks the vending machine, sends angry e-mails that he’ll regret later, perhaps sneaks a few stifled sobs in a bathroom stall. LeBron scores 24 points as he leads an unlikely come-from-behind victory, all the while chuckling and winking at his detractors.
Spurred on a by a group of women sitting courtside, James scored 24 of his 39 points in the fourth quarter - a franchise record for points in a period - as the Cleveland Cavaliers posted a 93-90 victory over the Raptors. “They’re the reason the Raptors lost,” James said about the two women, who were later identified as Toronto forward Chris Bosh’s girlfriend and cousin. “They kind of got me ticked off.”
During a break in the action, he pointed at the women and mouthed “It’s all your fault.” While standing at the free throw line between shots, he grinned at Chris Bosh, who stared awkwardly into space. After the game, a smiling LeBron approached the presumably regretful hecklers and gave them his game jersey. He’s kind of a dick, sure, but he’s our dick. And thank God for that. -- Gus Garcia-Roberts


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