Aragorn Loves Kucinich, and it's a Two-Way Street


Count Lord of the Rings star Viggo Mortensen among the Hollywood types stumping for West Side Congressman Dennis Kucinich in his courageous bid to stay on the presidential campaign long enough to become a Hilton Honors Gold member. In the above video, filmed hours before the New Hampshire primary, Mortensen gives an impassioned plea for Kucinich, calling him the “best candidate running for president that I’ve seen in my lifetime.” What’s amusing about the video has nothing to do Mortensen – he’s a pretty bright and engaging dude, actually. But while the actor pleads with people to canvas New Hampshire and spread Kucinich’s message, Kucinich himself is just standing there. There are no doubt hands to be shaken and hearts to be won. But he’s just staring longingly at Aragorn. Perhaps he's wondering where Frodo is. More likely, he's just standing where the cameras are. In completely related news, Kucinich was thumped in last night’s primary. He’s two-for-two now, and still going strong. – Joe P. Tone

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