Give Us a Sign, Please


We made a big deal out of the name change forced upon Beachwood’s new Melange in this week’s restaurant review. Long story short, the spot opened as Marmalade, learned that the name was already in use, and then had to come up with a new moniker in short order – with all the attendant confusion, expense, and inconvenience that involves. (Click 'More' to read on ...) Along with reprinting menus, wine lists, and business cards, part of the necessary BS was replacing the outdoor Marmalade sign with one that read Melange. But after driving by the La Place spot last night, we feared matters had gone from bad to worse: Now they had no sign at all. Okay, so world-class restaurants can get away without posting obvious signage, apparently operating on the “If you have to ask, you don’t deserve to know” principle. Here in Cle-burg -- with the obvious exception of the VTR -- we’re far less inclined to rely on the perspicacity of the natives in searching out hotspots. What the heck was going on? Fortunately, owner Andy Zelenkofske explained, via email: “The sign came down yesterday morning, the wall (behind it) is being repaired today, and all things being equal, the new signage will be up by the end of the day tomorrow.” Whew. For a second there, we thought they’d gone all Charlie Trotter’s on us. --- Elaine T. Cicora


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