Reader: Why Didn't Cleveland Sue National City, KeyBank for Predatory Lending?


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Plain Dealer reporter Henry Gomez did not reply to the following email, asking him if he asked Mayor Jackson the obvious (but unasked) question: Why didn't Jackson include any Cleveland banks in his predatory lending lawsuit? So it falls to you to find out and publish the answer. You might as well include the fact that the Plain Dealer and Gomez ignored that prime (and very sensitive) question. Cover-up !
Dear Mr. Henry Gomez, In your front page January 11 Friday (today) Plain Dealer news story headlined "Mayor takes on banks inb lawsuit" you named several major national banks that Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson says he is suing regarding mortgage loans. Did you ask Jackson why he is not also suing any Cleveland-based bank, such as big National City Bank or big KeyBank? Is it because he or other Democrat politicians in town and/or the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party get campaign funding from major Cleveland banks? There must be a reason. Did you ask Jackson why? If you did, what was his answer? -- Mike Hoffer



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