In Race to Top Kucinich, Jason Werner Shoots Off Mouth, Hits Foot


In the Cuyahoga County GOP’s long-shot hopes to topple Dennis Kucinich for the 10th Congressional District seat, a guy named Jason Werner is hoping desperately to be the long shot. So in order to fit into the county's political establishment, he's been acting like a real ass. The party is expected to endorse former state rep Jim Trakas, but nonetheless brought both Werner and Trakas in for interviews earlier this month. Things must not have gone swimmingly for Werner, because last week he was heard on WHKW, an area Christian radio station, ranting about the experience. ... “I felt like I was in a room filled with homosexual supporters,” said Werner. “It had nothing to do with whether this Republican can win an election. It was an attack against what they know about me: Pro-life, pro-family, pro-marriage, less taxes.” Hearing this, C-Notes was convinced that local GOPers, too busy sacrificing small animals to meet with Werner, had sent the cast of Disney's High School Musical on Ice to interview him instead. But County GOP spokesman Steven Backiel says they did in fact interview him, and he defends the process. “Not all Republicans are pro-life and heterosexual,” he says. “Anyone who limits our platform to one or two issues only does the Party a grave disservice. That's all the time I have for Mr. Werner.” – Jason Nedley


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