Decibel Magazine Spotlights Akron's Shifty Records


This month's issue of heavy metal journal Decibel gives big ups to Akron's Shifty Records, home to hellions from all over the world, including USA's Noosebomb and the U.K.'s Raw Radar War. Writer Scott Seward reviews eight of the underground label's releases. Cleveland's Midnight gets high marks for their "Complete and Total Fucking Midnight" long-playing lovers' serenade, which is hailed as "an awesome beast." He also gives Akron historical props for being the home of Devo, the Bizarros, and the Rubber City Rebels. Concludes Seward: "Whether it's Sloth, Fistula, or Spain's Monumental Moho, this label has your number and ALWAYS delivers the beatdown you deserve." It's issue #40, February 2008, with cartoon death-metal band Dethlok on the cover, page 84. -- D.X. Ferris


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